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One thought on “Testimonials

  • Gail Parker

    I cannot say enough positives about Larry and his inspection service. He has been through two home inspections with me and jumped through hoops of scheduling and rescheduling with me due to some unforeseen situations. He has always been accommodating and professional. I walked through both inspections with him and have been not only pleased with his professionalism but also learned what I can do to be an informed home owner. I look at houses in a completely different way as he showed me much to know when looking at a house to buy or when inspecting your own home periodically. The recent inspection involved my realtor as well as the seller of the home. Before the inspection I warned my realtor about how thorough this inspector was and that she would walk away learning something. After the inspection, both the realtor, the seller and my significant other marveled over how good Larry was. Within a couple of days I received my report via email on both occasions. This enabled me to push our buying process along in a timely manner.

    In closing,I will always recommend Larry for a home inspection and his opinion on construction. Larry has a professional demeanor and makes the inspection experience less stressful.