20131028_184410-1Don’t just assume that your furnace is working properly make sure to get your furnace cleaned and tuned regularly to get the best efficiency that can save you money!

  1. Replace the filter- this not only helps out with keeping dust and dirt  from recirculating throughout the house and but it also helps to keep the allergens down .In addition, keeping the dirt down from accumulating on the blower fan will prevent it from becoming unbalanced and it can lose its steady state efficiency( more energy and money to operate).
  2. Check the flames- If you have natural gas your burner flames should be the color blue. If they are also orange on the tips you furnace might just be burning off some particles but if they continue you may need a tune and clean.  What you DO NOT want to see from your burner flames are what looks like the flames to be “dancing” , so you do NOT want any variations in the flame when your blower turns on that could mean a cracked heat exchanger which means possible CO2 gases leaking into the home which are very deadly!!
  3. Test your Carbon Monoxide detector and place one on every level of the house as a safety measure.