Energy Efficiency

Going GREEN can save you GREEN! How many times have we turned up the heat in the winter only to still feel cold! Layer upon layer of clothing, regular baking in the oven to add more heat to the house only to still have a colder home. Now how do we treat this condition? Should I install  new windows?  Maybe. Should I get some electric space heaters for the bedrooms?  Or is our furnace not working properly? These are just a few of the questions that we encounter with the homeowner of ways to keep the cold air out and the energy bills down.A quick fyi… on average new windows will not be the best solution to getting the heating bill down.Why not you ask? Simply put we just don’t live in a glass house.We have more wall then window. There are usually more areas that need attention and dollars that could save more money on energy consumption such as insulating and air sealing. To find out how to  minimize your energy consumption (heating,electric) contact us! house-148791_1280edited